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Electronic Air Cleaner Systems

“Heat & Cool Brothers Inc.”

Contact us for advanced and economical Air Cleaner systems to eliminate floating particles in your environment.

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work

An electronic air purifier is a highly economical air purification system that can remove all airborne bacteria, mold particles, or viruses, as well as allergens and harmful contaminants in the air effectively. The built-in cells charge the particles in the purifier and trap them on a plate which is charged oppositely and makes it easy to remove the particles.

Benefits of Electronic Air Cleaners

  • Removes allergens attached to children or pets, or particles coming in through open doors and windows.
  • Highly economical and low maintenance
  • Uses advanced technology

How Media Filters Work

Media Filters are one of the filtering systems that separate particles from the air. Media Filters are stable and cost effective and easy to replace.

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