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Electronic Air Cleaner Systems
in Keswick, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, and the GTA


To enhance the air quality of your indoor environment, our team at Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. specializes in providing electronic air cleaner systems. This device is designed to remove mould particles, viruses, allergens, harmful contaminants, airborne bacteria, and more, in both your home and business space. Whether you are located in Keswick, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, our team would be delighted to provide you with our advanced and economical air cleaner systems.

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work

An electronic air cleaner is a highly economical air purification system that can effectively remove all airborne bacteria, mould particles, viruses, as well as allergens and harmful contaminants in the air. The built-in cells charge the particles in the purifier and trap them on a plate which is oppositely charged, making it easy to remove the particles.

Benefits of Electronic Air Cleaners

Improving indoor air quality is important for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. At Heat & Cool Brothers Inc., our electronic air cleaners offer a solution to address these concerns and a solution that improves one’s quality of life. To further understand the advantages, check out the key benefits listed below.

  • Removes Allergens. Electric air cleaners can remove allergens from children, pets, or particles that have entered through doors or windows. By capturing these particles, it can create a more comfortable living environment and reduce both respiratory issues and allergic reactions.
  • Highly Economical & Low Maintenance. Compared to other air purification systems, the electronic air cleaner only requires minimal maintenance and it is a cost-effective solution to maintain indoor air quality.
  • Uses Advanced Technology. To effectively enhance your indoor air quality, it’s in your best interest to invest in advanced technology with the electronic air cleaner. This system delivers superior performance.

How Media Filters Work

Media filters serve as an effective choice for air filtration systems, separating particles from the air to improve indoor air quality. Media filters are known to be stable, cost-effective, and easy to replace – which is why they remain a popular option in the industry. For both homeowners and business owners, this air purification solution is a practical choice as it can significantly contribute to a healthier environment. If you are ready to invest in this type of system, contact Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. today!

Contact Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. For Electronic Air Cleaner Systems

You should know that our team at Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. If you wish to purify the air you live and breathe in, it’s time you contact our team of professionals. Our solutions can offer reliable and efficient options for enhancing indoor air quality. To learn more about our Electronic Air Cleaner Systems in Bradford, contact our team at 1-855-999-1660. Our technicians would be delighted to review with you what our electronic air cleaner systems and media filters can do for your space.


Rest assured, with our industry-leading warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our products and services for years to come.