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Snow Melting Systems
in Keswick, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, and the GTA


Living in Canada means that we can expect a fair amount of snow. Fortunately, at Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. we offer snow melting and Floor Heating systems that can be of benefit to you. Consider investing in these services so that you can eliminate the accumulated snow on your driveway (or other areas) with the convenience of a warm floor. Embrace a hassle-free winter experience with these services. Whether you are located in Keswick, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, our team would be delighted to provide you with our snow melting systems.

How Snow Melting Systems Work

Snow melting systems efficiently remove snow and ice accumulated on walkways, driveways, entrances, parking lots, and more, by using electric heating elements installed beneath the surface. These systems can operate automatically as they can be triggered by temperature sensors or manual controls can be put in place.

Snow melting systems provide a convenient and efficient solution for enhanced accessibility and safety during the winter season. With many benefits associated with these types of systems, allow our team to review with you some of the main benefits.

  • Snow melting systems eliminate the need for home owners to spend hours shovelling the snow.
  • Cost Reduction. Snow melting systems can greatly reduce costs by eliminating the need for hiring snow plowing and other services.
  • Enhanced Safety. Snow melting systems can reduce the risk of slips, falls, and accidents, creating a safer and more accessible walkway.

How Floor Heating Systems Work

Floor heating systems work by evenly distributing heat across the floor, providing warmth to the room from the ground up. There are two main forms of floor heating; they include electric radiant heating and hydronic radiant heating. The first option uses cables or mats that are connected to a power source, whereas the second option uses heated water installed beneath the floor surface. Floor heating systems warm the people and objects in the room from the ground up, which is an energy-efficient heating method.

With many benefits associated with these types of systems, allow our team to review with you some of the main benefits.

  • Energy Efficiency. Heating from the ground up minimizes heat loss and reduces the total amount of energy consumption.
  • Comfort. By creating a feeling of warmth under your feet, you can create a cozy and comfortable environment.
  • Versatility. Whether you wish to place a heating floor system in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc., this method is flexible and applicable to different areas of the home.

Contact Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. For Snow Melting Systems

Allow our team at Heat & Cool Brothers Inc. to make tackling this winters snowfall easier for you. Our snow melting systems can enhance your comfort, convenience, and safety while providing you with a worry-free winter. To discover more information about our Snow Melting Systems in Keswick, contact our team at 1-855-999-1660. Our team would be pleased to discuss this option for your space and provide you with a consultation and quote.


Rest assured, with our industry-leading warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our products and services for years to come.